How to make staying in the new going out.

While I’ve spent my fair share of weekends drinking to my heart’s content then stumbling to the nearest late night food stop. The debates between a donner with garlic mayo or cheesy chips and gravy were real. I’d like to think those days are behind me. I still enjoy cringing with friends as we reminisce about ‘that time when…’ but, I have to admit I’m a granny at heart. Just give me some dinners and a few nice cocktails every once in a while instead.

Do you spend more time trying to keep your house plants alive than you spend nursing your inevitable hangover? Chances are you favour nesting at home over going out. Whether you’re an active member of the self-love club and more me time is your tipple or whether your 9-5 leaves you feeling burnt out by midweek. I believe prioritising your mental and physical health is key to excelling in all areas of your life. While going out is a way of blowing off steam and letting loose for some. I want to talk you through what I do to make our home the most appealing place to spend a Saturday night.


Bath time goals

Bath details

Removing my makeup and cleansing my face are non-negotiables for me. As much as I adore makeup, I am obsessed with skincare more and I’d prefer to let my skin breathe while I’m at home. In the week, I tend to opt for a shower over bath; life gets in the way constantly so I normally find myself short on time. However, baths are my favourite. Whether I’m adding in some bubbles or my favourite bath soak, I just love zoning out in the tub. It’s the perfect way for me to unwind and change pace after a busy day, or the perfect weekend treat.


staying in is the new going out

If you’re a regular THL reader, you’ll know I’m all for a good pamper, and a cosy night in is the perfect opportunity for a home spa. Lightly exfoliate and moisturise, or go full on multi mask and follow with serums and oils. The choice is yours, but I highly suggest blasting your favourite playlist at the same time, hairbursh sing along- optional.


CP SlippersCP Slippers

Once I’ve showered or bathed, I love nothing more than getting into some comfy clothes and sliding my feet into my slippers. CP Slippers are founded on the Japanese tradition of leaving dirt outside. Unlike other slippers I’ve worn, my feet don’t overheat- you almost feel like you’re still walking around barefoot. They’re hand crafted in Spain and come in so many colours, I love this pale pink shade just as much as Danny’s tanned pair. Yes, we are that couple with matching slippers!


How To hygge

How to hygge at home

We’ve all heard the wonders of hygge, that cosy feeling. Well, it’s pretty easy to create, and it’s not reserved for winter, it’s a feeling we like to feel all year round. With summer weather hard to find in the UK this year, light some candles, and grab your blankets & cushions. Even cleanse your room, with some sage. I can’t get enough of this big spa scented candles from Sainsbury’s, not only does it smell amazing and completely relax me, I love the packaging too. I can’t find it online, but I know it’s available in store.


It’s time to create the perfect space. You can check in with our fortnightly reading lists, or catch up on some tv series. I was a big fan of Stranger Things, Westworld and Big Little Lies, but for easy watching, we’re working our way through Nurse Jackie at the moment. Either order a takeaway or make some super easy bowl food. Why not make a new cocktail, we love trying out new cocktail recipes or make some hot chocolate! And if anyone has some good board game recommendations, let me now in the comments below…








  1. September 4, 2017 / 08:24

    Those products looks nice

  2. September 4, 2017 / 13:21

    I would ALWAYS choose staying in over going out! Especially if it was as cosy as in your pics! Bliss

  3. September 17, 2017 / 14:14

    Love those slippers, they look so cozy!

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