The Monthly Edit | September 2016

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  1. The weather is getting colder which mean my Charlotte Simone Sass Cap has come back out to play and we’ve been adding on the layers. I love autumnal walks and Jersey has the most beautiful lanes to get lost wondering around.
  2. We discovered Compartes Chocolatier chocolates and oh my days… they are beyond amazing. I mean who doesn’t want milk chocolate with caramelized waffle cone? Or white chocolate filled with birthday cake sprinkles. There are so many to choose from and they are pretty damn addictive.
  3. I finally manged to order more Glossier products. When your best friend goes to America, what do you do?… You order a shed load of Glossier products (not as many as you’d like because you don’t want her to get charged excess baggage) and await her arrival home tomorrow with your box of goodies. I ordered a few new bits so I’m excited to try them next month.
  4. I watched Game of Silence and really enjoyed it, only to get to the last episode of season 1 and realise that the series has been cancelled…#savegameofsilence.
  5. I’ve spent more time doing things for myself and learning the ability to say no to plans I don’t want to be involved in and taking the time to focus on me, H is a particularly good influence when it comes to this and I’m really thankful to always have his support.



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