September Goals 2016

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  1. Try something new. September to me will always signify the start of a re vamp, a chance to shake things up or learn something new. I’m not sure whether thats because for the majority of my life I was starting a new school year in this month or whether the September issue lead me to believe great things were supposed to happen this month. Regardless of whether it’s a new haircut, a pilates class, or a new skill, I’d like something new in my life.
  2. Blog Focused. Being away recently and at the beginning of this month means creating regular content requires a bit more forward thinking. Luckily all this travelling about has made my creativity juices flow faster than normal and I’m so excited to showcase some new content here at The Life Of C an H.
  3. Fall back in love with my bullet journal. I used my bullet journal religiously when I first set it up, and I have to say I got far too lazy. I can’t wait to get back into the habit of using it daily.
  4. Keep on cooking. If you’re a regular reader and have seen the countless amounts of recipes we’ve posted, you may be shocked to find out that I was never that big of a cook. I’ve always been able to cook but when it was just me eating, I sort of fell out of love with it. Since H and I have been together, I gained more of a passion for it then ever but holidays have lead to a slight laziness, I’m become complacent with restaurants and convenience meals. When I get back from my trips to the UK, I want to get back to cooking.
  5. Get More Organised. I am not the most disorganised person, and I would say I work well under pressure but I know I would be more productive if I can stick to more of a routine. Organisation will definitely help me a lot with that in every aspect of my life.  Whether it’s getting up that bit earlier so I can get bits done before work, or preparing my lunch the night before. I want to start utilising my time that bit better.



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