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I should start off by saying that I am not someone who has trouble sleeping. My old mattress was looking very old and tired and Laura (who really does suffer from disturbed sleep) was not a fan. I’d heard about the Caspar mattress and other US-based companies specialising in springy latex/ high-density memory foam mattresses, but being UK based and more specifically Jersey it meant that ordering one of these was next to impossible.

Then I discovered the Lessa Mattress. I had always preferred a firmer bed and with these internet mattresses, one problem was not being able to visit a shop and try it out. However, between Laura and I, we decided that the 100-night trial meant we could try it for longer and in the comfort of our home which was actually more beneficial for us. The Lessa mattress packaging was easily manoeuvrable and I was amazed that our mattress managed to fit in such a small box. Once it had arrived I was able to contact Lessa’s customer support team with ease and they were helpful in suggesting which mattress protector/ fitted sheet would best suit. We did find that the scent of the mattress didn’t fade as quickly as we’d expected but we were also advised to leave it bare for a few days in a well-ventilated room till this subsided.

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Around halfway, through the 100-night trial, I must admit I experienced some restless nights which made me reconsider if the mattress was a fit or not, I decided once again to contact customer support who were more than helpful with suggestions on how best to resolve the issues. I’m glad to say the 100 nights have now passed and the Leesa is sticking around. One surprising final thought from me is I now look forward to bedtime a lot more than I ever thought I would, the initial feeling I get when I first lie down at the end of the day on the mattress really is a positive and relaxing experience. See below a short unboxing time-lapse video I recorded to show how easy the mattress is to get set up out of the box. If you like to learn even more about the mattress visit this review:




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      Thanks Jemma! It’s great isn’t it! One of my favourite features of the cottage 🙂 – C

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