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I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned one of my favourite lunch and dinner spots here in Jersey. Let me introduce you to Soy. Arguably the best place for sushi on the island, this is my go to spot, I mean anywhere with marble tables is always going to grab my attention. Whether you’re looking for a new date night location or a place for girls night. Soy have you covered and you may not initially realise it but there is something o the menu for everyone!

To Start 

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The crispy chilli squid with roasted garlic, spring onions and chilli is a must; it’s calamari with adult flavours, a huge portion and big enough to share. The salmon sashimi which comes in slices of three is beautifully fresh and lean and a healthy choice. Other favourites of mine have to be the panko prawns which are served with a salad and the beef and chicken yakitori (pictured below). If you’ve looking for a light lunch, then sharing a couple of starters, probably 2-3 per person, is a great way of trying lots of the menu.

For the Sushi Lovers

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There really is no other choice other than the sashimi to share. 12 pieces of of mixed sashimi, 2 pieces of ikura (salmon roe) and 2 pieces of spicy scollops. I could happily leave the scollops and ikura but I’ll fight you for that sashimi! The choice of sushi rolls is vast so you won’t have a problem picking something to your taste. Whether you’re after a hot, crispy roll, nigiri or a popular california roll. Soy really do cover the bases well. I’d have to recommend the crispy soft shell crab futomaki with cucumber, avocado and tobico and the spicy tuna nigiri gunkan.

For the none sushi lover

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Not everyone likes sushi or even the thought of it but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out! On the contrary one of the stand out dishes on the Soy menu is their Tokyo Burger. 6oz prime seasoned beef, king prawns and calamari rings with Japanese mayonnaise served in a brioche bun with a side of house fries. This is H’s absolute favourite! We’d also recommend the chicken katsu curry and the aromatic crisp duck. As lovely as the chili whole crab is I’d avoid this one for dinner ladies as you have to hand pick it and it is not easy, let your partner order it instead so you can still try it!

Those are my top picks, but why not see for yourself, if you’re unsure of anything the staff are so lovely and will definitely help you out. You might be recommending me a new dish too!

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channel islands blogger
Ps… if you’re going for dinner why not sit and enjoy a glass of wine on the sofas beneath all the pretty lit up trees. Thats what we like to do… I think this might have been after a couple of glasses though.



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