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Taking care of yourself mentally and physically should be important to us all, so when The Royal Yacht got in touch to see if we wanted to visit their recently renovated Spa Sirene, we jumped at the opportunity. What could be better than hiding away from the miserable weather (recently foggy, windy, rainy and the odd spout of hail) than chilling beside a pool, and a massage to truly relax and revive our tired winter bodies?

Very Smoothies

The Royal Yacht is one of our most frequented destinations in Jersey, it’s located in St. Helier, not far from the high street, and houses four different restaurants. The high end hotel also holds five different bars where Expresso Martinis are a must! Whether we’re sharing a Chateaubriand at The Grill, eating sushi at the Zephyr or laughing over cocktails on a Saturday night, we always find what we’re looking for. And this time, a couples massage was just the thing!

Tempura Prawns

We arrived, rather peckish, a couple of hours before our scheduled treatment on a grey Sunday afternoon. The ladies at reception kindly gave us keys to our lockers and we were able to order some food from them too. We both opted for the berry smoothies, while Danny chose the chicken and avocado sandwich and I couldn’t resist the sound of the tempura prawns with guacamole.

Couples Spa Day

We made are way to the changing rooms past the most aesthetically pleasing wall made of greenery, one of the new features since the renovation, and anxiously decided we would meet outside the separate his and hers changing rooms in our dressing gowns.

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Reunited, we headed to the pool. What to enjoy first? The sauna? The various steam rooms?

We opted for the sauna, rationalising it would be a nice way to warm up before cooling down with a dip in the pool. It’s great that with a treatment you get to use all the facilities. We had hours to go in the hot tub, and to choose between the Salt Inhalation room or the Aroma Steam Room ( our favourite). Soon we relaxed and grew deep in conversation about up coming holidays, when we would book our next spa day (we hadn’t even had our treatment yet), and other life shenanigans.

Spa Day at the Royal Yacht

Our massage was drawing closer which I was so excited about. Danny had never been to Spa before, and as a result had never had a massage before… he didn’t quite no what to expect, but I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. He was somewhere between eager and apprehensive. He mentioned that even if he didn’t enjoy it, at least it was only 5- 15 minutes. I laughed and explained that we were luckily about to enjoy a full body massage and that it would be a little bit longer than he was expecting. An hour in fact of pure relaxation.

When it was time, two masseuses came to the pool to find us. They kindly gave us fresh pairs of slippers, as ours were now sopping wet, and we followed them to a dimly lit room with two massage beds. We got into our respective beds and before we knew it, we were being gently woken and offered tea or water.

The Royal Yacht Jersey

At the beginning of your massage you will be asked what pressure you want. If you’re wanting to relax I’d recommend a lighter pressure, and if you are after a deeper massage to possibly release tightened muscles, then a slightly firmer pressure might be preferable.

First oil was applied to our feet and the back of our legs before moving on to our arms, backs and shoulders. Half way through you are asked to turn over so that they can repeat the motions on your front.

What was lovely was that Spa Sirene recently opened it’s new relaxation room, the perfect place to recuperate after your treatment. I sipped mint tea whilst Danny snuggled under his blanket and we discussed our massages. Did you get an eye pillow? Did she start with your feet? etc etc. And we soon discovered he was very pleased that our massages were intact longer than 5- 15 minutes.

The new relaxation room is definitely worth a visit after your treatment as the beds, the duvets, the refreshments, and the decor all help you hold on to that pampered feeling for a while longer.

Two Humans Living

Once we were ready (we took our time), we heading back to the changing rooms and got ourselves sorted before heading home for a light dinner and an early night ready to take on the week ahead.

We highly recommend a visit to Spa Sirene, either with your other half, a friend or family member, or just to treat yourself! It’s such a luxury to feel truly relaxed both mentally and physically, a true escape.

The Royal Yacht Spa Sirene

Danny has a big birthday in May this year, and we’ve already booked an over night stay at The Royal Yacht, now we just need to plan what treatment we’ll pick for our return! They’re putting together a new brochure of treatments so we can’t wait to check it out.



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