The Dogs Dinner with Brew Dog

Welcome to The Dogs Dinner; a Brewdog Bewery takeover that H and I attended back in January. Hosted by JB’s Josh Band and Marcus Calvani 30 tickets went on sale to lucky islanders (although this figure had double by the night boasting a 60 seat turnout) to experience a one night only beer and food pairing evening.


Representing Brewdog was the lovely Emily and the tasting menu was designed by Trevor Howard. Will and Chris from Love Wine (local distributers of Brewdog and craft beer enthusiasts) were also present for the evening, we got the chance to speak to Will who was a great source of information.

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First up was Punk IPA paired with a fried gorgonzola barley-risotto ball, homemade pickled walnut ketchup & celery cress.

  • Tropical tones with Nelson Sauvin New Zealand Hops add a light wine taste to the IPA which was really easy to drink, a great starting point if your new to crafts beers.
  • The barley that formed the risotto ball was slow cooked for 8 hours in stock before having gorgonzola folded through and being coated in panko breadcrumbs. The walnut ketchup was one of the most exciting elements of the evening for me, Trevor explained that the process (involving the walnut skin, brine and agar agar) took a total of 12 months to make. It was delicious.

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Second Course was Mikkeller Swindle Pale Ale with Hand-dived local scallop, swindle reduction, pomegranate, crispy ginger, coconut & micro-herbs.

  • Mikkeller Beer is actually made by Mikkeller to their specification but brewed at Brewdog who do a lot of collaborations. It’s an American IPA which again had tropical notes of passionfruit and citrus and the packaging really caught my eye.
  • By curing the scallops in yuzu lime, oranges and grapefruit, the food echoed the beer. There were so many layers to this dish but unfortunately H and I weren’t that keen on it and it wasn’t our cup of tea.

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Next up, Candy Kaiser paired with pure Jersey beef bresaola, chicory, balsamic reduction, lemon zest & pecorino shavings.

  • Candy Kaiser is a 5.2% Northern German style, retro malt beer with a lot of toasty notes, part of Brewdogs seasonal range, more styled towards winter hence the toasty notes. They’ve dialled back the dry hops to zero but they up the malt for an intense flavour.
  • H and I both thought this dish was lovely and it was great to see Jersey produce again using topside from Woodlands farm. The elements of the dish were beautifully balanced and all aspects worked really well together.

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The forth tasting course was amazing, it included the Channel Islands launch of Arcade Nation ( a seasonal black IPA) with brioche slider bun, JB’s epic 12hr pulled pork, dill pickle, red cabbage slaw & skinny rosemary chips.

  • Arcade Nation blew H’s mind (trust me he told me plenty of times during the meal and has continued to since) it merges the link between an American style IPA and a stout so you get the citrus notes of a Punk IPA with the darker, maltier notes of the more chocolatey/coffee flavours found in a stout. If your not normally a fan of dark beers… give this a try, it might just change your mind.
  • The pulled pork was produced by head chef Matt with help from Trevor. The pork is brined for 24hrs and then braised for 12hrs after a dry rub of cayenne pepper, chilli, paprika and brown sugar among other ingredients. The chips had been cooked seven times and were just a great contrast to the softness of the burger. This was both of our favourite course and highlighted what JBs do best.

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The penultimate course was Hello, My Name Is Holy Moose alongside poached pear, ginger & holy moose tapioca pearls blackcurrant sobet & basil.

  • H and I thought that this was the course that actually paired the beer with the food the best. As you would expect an IPA containing notes of various berries taste great with a berry sober. The basil brought some freshness while the tapioca pearls added a light creaminess to the softness of the pear- the crunch of the crumble was also welcomed.

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The final dish was Hinterland with a dark chocolate truffle, if we weren’t feeling the beers by this point this course was sure to finish us off… and it did.

  • Hinterland was severed in an expresso cup due to it’s coffee style taste, it’s Brewdog’s oatmeal, cocoa, milk stout.
  • The dark chocolate truffle was too rich for me but H managed to finish off the plate.


If you have the chance to attend one of these events (I believe more are in the works) I highly recommend you do! Not only was the food and drink something exciting and new to experience at a really high standard but everyone was really lovely. It’s a great way to meet  some new people in Jersey and meeting here means they probably like their food and drink too (as all the best people do!) At £35 per person we thought it was really good value and such a great chance to try something different. We felt really welcomed and had a memorable evening, we finished off the night with a couple of rounds of ping pong and will certainly be keeping our eyes out for upcoming events. See you there next time!


*Disclaimer | When I first saw the size of the portions I thought at the end of the evenings proceedings I’d be ordering a Dirty Plucker to go (it’s not on the menu but trust me- it’s amazing ). But the tasting plates and the combination of different beers actually did a fantastic job of being just enough but not too much.


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