The Glow-Getters

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1. Madeleine Shaw

Health coach, yoga teach and best selling author, Madeleine believes in educating people about how food can be delicious, nutritious, affordable and simple. She has a youtube channel where she shares recipes, yoga videos, tips and much more. She recently launched her new app Glow Guides and it a favourite with Millie Mackintosh.

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2. Amelia Freer

Amelia is a qualified nutritional therapist FdSc, Dip ION and mBANT. A foodie who began her journey into understanding the effects different foods had on her health. The youtube series she did in collaboration with Get The Gloss taught me so much, I particularly loved being able to see inside Amelias fridge and cupboards! Amelia is widely held responsible for Sam Smiths dramatics weightloss and features some of Boy George’s recipes in her latest book. I love that Amelia doesn’t eliminate meat from her diet either as a lot seem to prefer a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle which doesn’t suit H and I.

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3. Ella Woodward

Probably the first ‘glow-getter’ I stumbled upon couple of years ago. I loved watching her youtube videos and spending ages pitting my medjool dates so I could whip up a few of her recipes. Ella’s story is quite close of home as I have family members who suffered from similar problems. She’s already published one best selling cook book and launched her second one yesterday, and she recently opened a deli she co- founded with her fiancé – the Mae Deli.

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4. Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley 

Gluten, grains and refined sugar free, the Hemsley sister’s have contributed to Vogue and The Guardian, released The Art of Eating Well and had a bespoke service aimed at helping people with digestion and their relationship with food for 6 years. The pioneers for bone broth and with a book full of home comfort food silt recipes, they’re released their second book Good + Simple next month.

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5. Natasha Corrett 

After struggling with her weight and being told she was highly acidic, Natasha found an alkaline lifestyle. Making very simple changes she created a lifestyle not a diet. Still wanting to be able to indulge in pizza and brownies, she created her own healthy versions and managed to keep the weight off and stay healthy.



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