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Basics and Travel
Looking after your teeth is so important and a toothbrush and toothpaste are pretty essential for that. For everyday use I love the Crest 3D White Luxe Glamour Toothpaste but these Marvis minis are perfect for travelling. I also love this Slim Sonic toothbrush I purchased from Boots for travelling. It’s electric and has a case so I don’t have to worry about any of my other belongings getting wet if I’ve brushed my teeth and thrown everything in my case in a rush to pack (which tends to be the case), and I don’t have to worry about my toothbrush getting dirty either.

The Routine| Teeth|

Say hello to quite possibly one of the strangest mouthwashes, yet by far our absolute favourite. Hello Ultradex! The over powering menthol that almost feels like it’s corroding your gums is not a necessarily requirement for pearly whites, who knew? If your a fan of it though… by all means add the peppermint sachet that comes with it. We haven’t tried it as we’re more than satisfied by the peculiar yet refreshing taste of nothingness as we swirl the wash round our mouths; the closest description I can give you to the taste is water. You can definitely notice a difference in the morning as teeth still feel smooth and as if they’ve just been brushed, I can immediately notice when I’ve forgotten to use it, and instantly wish that hadn’t been the case.

The Routine| Teeth|

The Extras
Not necessary but sometimes useful to have on stand by floss; I’d recommend floss picks as I find them a lot easier to use than the rolls, interdental brushes such as these or these. Breath spray, a tongue cleaner and the easiest teeth whitening method I’ve come across/ the only one I’ve used. But it really is dead simple; you open the individual sachet style packet and then there are two plastic stripes, one side is coated in gel and you apply this to your top and bottom teeth. Thirty minutes later you are one step closer to sparkling choppers.



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