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As you know we recently got back from an amazing week in New York City, you can see more of what we got up to over on our youtube channel. New York is a big city and if you haven’t been before it can be a bit daunting, the great thing about it is that you will never run out of things to do and it’s always changing, there will always be more things to do on your next trip but for now let me give you our guide from our recent trip…

The Highline

The Highline NYC

We were so lucky with the weather while we were in New York, it only drizzled one day and the rest of the time we had sunshine, it was lovely to be able to walk the Highline; there were some nice views, great restaurants around the start and finish. It felt like a little escape from being so close to the busy roads.

Roof Top Cinema Club

Roof Top Cinema NYC

I can’t recommend this enough, lounging on deck chairs on a roof top in NYC watching a carefully selected film. Starting just before sunset and going on till about 10pm (depending on the length of film your seeing) it was really nice to participate in this years cinema club. Drinks, popcorn, blankets and your own personal headphone set it’s a really well organised event. We chose to see Room which I recommend watching regardless of whether you get a chance to watch it on a rooftop or not!

Meow Parlour

Meow Parlour

NYC’s first cat cafe, a concept which was new to us but which we thoroughly enjoyed. The cafe is styled in a relaxed home style environment where you can order drinks or sweets from their sister cafe. Meow Parlour is currently home to 14 cats in need of adoption, Joni (pictured above) is a beautiful 1 year old female who we would have loved to take home but somehow Jersey seemed too far away and I’m not sure how happy Pixel would have been about it. The ages, colours and breeds of the cats all vary and you can foster one for a month to see how they fit into your home. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for kitty cuddles!

The One World Observatory

One World Observatory

Ascending to the top of the worlds tallest building in the Western Hemisphere in less than 60 seconds, you can feel your self swaying when you reach the discovery level. From this point you can enjoy 360 degree views out over the whole of New York. I loved being able to see all the bridges and on the opposite side being able to look out at New York’s skyline and the Empire State building, it really does have the best views.

Citi Bike

NYC Citi Bike

Citi bike turned out to be one our daily adventures – ok not quite daily but it would have been if I hadn’t been dealing with back spasms. The first time we decided to use the bikes we should have just bought a week long pass as it would have worked out cheaper for us, but who knew we’d enjoy it so much. Cycling across Manhattan bridge was super scary for me as I’m not a fan of heights but even I could appreciate it and I’m so happy to be able to say I’ve done it. The only frustrating thing for us when it came to Citi Bikes was that you have to dock the bikes every 30 minutes or you get charged more and not being locals it wasn’t always clear where the nearest docking station was, unfortunately for H I wasn’t quite as strong a cyclist as him either so we didn’t necessarily get that far before we needed to dock.


Dumbo Brooklyn NYC

Heading across to Brooklyn for the day was another thing we’re really glad we did, we really liked DUMBO as an area and visiting Prospect Park to head to Smogasborg was another thing we’d highly recommend and will definitely be returning to our next visit!

Are you planning a trip to NYC? Is there anything you’d recommend us doing on our next trip?

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