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Abi Overland created the agressively detailed dinnerware brand Abi Overland Jersey in 2015. Not only is Abi super talented she is one of the loveliest most down to earth ladies I’ve had the pleasure to meet. From creating her own dinnerware range to creating custom prints. To working on a mural masterpiece at Brighton’s newest most instagrammable cafe Redroaster Coffee Co, this girl boss is a bucket full of inspo. Abi opens up about starting her business and what you need to know in order to start your own.

  1. When did you first become interested in illustration?I’ve always adored drawing and have been doing it since before I can remember, there was never any other option for me!Abi Overland Interview
  2. When did you decide to launch your own business?When I graduated I freelanced as an illustrator in Brighton for a few months before moving back to Jersey. My old job in finance offered me work for three days a week and seemed the perfect opportunity to do get out a loan and start my own business. Starting my own business gave me a sense of being able to take control of my life where being purely freelance can be very stressful. I love both but they happily balance one another.Abi Overland Jersey interview
  3. Are there any daily challenges you face?Always, you have to be very strict with yourself in not letting doubts and worries creep in, as there’s never a certainty of what I’ll be able to earn month to month and there’s no security. The longer I do it the less stressed I get, something always seems to pop up!
  4. On a more positive note, what is the biggest perk of working for yourself?Erm… Everything! One of the biggest I’d have to say is being able to meet my mum for a mid-morning coffee as she works for herself too, a close second would be not having to put a bra on for work.Botanical artist
  5. Which woman in the industry inspires you the most?One I really look up to is Jo Malone, I listened to her Desert Island Disc the other day and she is a complete babe.channel Island bloggers
  6. What is the best career advice you’ve ever been given?Never ever say ‘it’s not going to work’ if you do that, you’ve failed before you’ve even started.Local Channel Island Talent
  7. Have you got a favourite place to go in Jersey?So many! I mean it’s always nice to head down to St. Ouens and sit on the wall with a beer and a BBQ at sunset.
  8. Finally, is there any advice you’d give to anyone looking to start a business?Just do it and don’t spend too long thinking about it, if you do that then you’ll talk yourself out of it.

Go check our Abi’s website , you can find it HERE
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