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Jersey may be our home, but London is by far our most visited playground. It’s not the city we’d most recommend visiting or our favourite place but it’s a welcomed change of pace and a contrast from the island we call home.  Full of inspiration as well as some of our family and friends we took a long weekend for some final wed-min, a bit of headspace and of course, some room service.

We based ourselves in the city surrounded by a variety of caffeine fixes. Some of our favourite places include Brooklyn Coffee, The Ned, The Grind. As a huge fan of print, I rarely put aside time to sit and page turn but when we’re way it’s one of my favourite ways to relax. Slow mornings, followed by exploring – or in this case errands-  with a few stops to satisfy our empty stomachs and thirsty mouths.

We collected our wedding bands and my wedding dress, careful to not ruin the surprise, before visiting some of our favourite shops, and others we had been wanting to explore. It always baffles me how much time you can spend visiting different areas, just getting from A to B. Living on a nine by five-mile rock, you grow accustomed to journeys lasting no more than thirty minutes.


One too many expresso martinis and Sunday was upon us. Morning coffees downed; a latte for him, a flat white for me, and we were on heading to one of our favourite combinations; friends and food. Matlby market was on my to-do list for some time, but it had slipped further and further down the list. Not that day. A short walk from London Bridge and we found ourselves nestled in Bermondsey’s Rope Walk. We battled between ordering with our eyes or following our sense of smell. As always we opted for the tactical decision to share each dish we ordered. We definitely recommend African Volcano– the burgers are ranked with the best of them.

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