Dopp bag travel essentials for guys

For me the worst part about travelling is the “getting there” bit, I like to think of myself as a good traveller and what I mean by this is that I travel light, only pack essentials and I am all about efficiency and speed through airport security.

To help with this my wash bag or as Americans sometimes refer to it, dopp bag is usually my trusty Aēsop kit which I received as a gift set. The bag is small but just the right size to fit my essentials. Finding products that are small and compact for travel isn’t always easy for a guy and I especially find females more catered to when it comes to this category of toiletries.

Luckily I have found just the right size products that fit well in my bag and probably the one you already own. First up is the Marvis toothbrush, I have already done a whole post about why this little guy is my go-to toothbrush not only for daily use but for travel too, its compact size and well build strong bristled construction is fantastic.

Skin care is not my thing but a day out exploring city streets or hiking coastal trials leaves me with tired/dry looking skin. To combat this I discovered Sonne, based out of LA and sold on Huckberry. Their two-step skin care routine couldn’t be simpler and ideal for the lazy guy in all of us. One for the morning and one for the evening, these moisturisers leave me smelling good and fresh-faced. I especially like that they are not “greasy” and get soaked up by my skin within minutes. The compact size for travel just rounds off a fantastic product.

Most guys are used to using a spray Eau de parfum and the majority of ones I have ever owned are ugly big glass bottles, not very practical for travelling with. In the past, I travelled with the Commodity goods 10ml spray bottle which is compact size but the glass bottle always worries me.

Recently I switched to an alternative, solid cologne. The wax-based fragrance is very similar to lip balm in terms of look and feel, and for effective results is applied to pulse points such as wrists, neck and behind the ears. I’ve been using the Solid State Journeyman, the packaging for the solid cologne comes in a small metal case ideal for pockets so can be used on the go with a slide to open lid. It takes a bit of getting used to using solid cologne rather than a spray fragrance but I love the compact travel size and ease of use anywhere whilst out an about, perfect for a dopp kit


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