Laundry upgraded: smol review

Let’s face it doing laundry isn’t fun, not only can it be time-consuming but costly depending on the size of the household. Sure you can buy detergent in bulk to save a little but that’s a big cost upfront and it won’t necessarily get you the most eco-friendly product on the market, usually the cheapest and most toxic. There is a better way and more importantly a UK based business, smol.

What is smol?

Smol is a UK online-only, home cleaning product business. It produces laundry detergent capsules and more recently added dishwasher tablets to the lineup. The two products aim to be big on performance but small enough to be delivered directly without compromise, other benefits include a reduced price by cutting out a middleman they claim to be 50% cheaper than your regular brand of choice. To top it off both products claim to use fewer chemicals than other leading brands.

How does it work?

Smol are direct to consumer only so the easiest way to get started is to create an account and select your product, in this instance we are focusing our attention on the laundry capsules. Once you have selected the product smol cleverly guides you through a setup process determining what options work best for your household, from this it generates a planned programme for the number of capsules it estimates you will need and a delivery schedule for how often you need topping up. Once this is set up its all automated which means you don’t have to worry about doing it on a regular basis, options can be customised to meet demand and subscriptions cancelled at any time. If you just want to trial the product first without committing to an initial subscription this is possible too, you just pay for the postage of the product and it works out at a couple of ££.

Benefits and improvements

I really like the concept of smol, their branding and general ethos resonates with me and the product works as advertised. I have used smol capsules for over a month now on weekly washes and find it not only smells nicer than the capsules I was using before it cleans just as good, this was one of my main concerns but I’m happy with the performance.

The online account to manage your smol plan is super useful and having it automated gives you peace of mind. The packaging is bespoke and really clever, compact and has safety features to keep small fingers away, plus all recyclable, albeit depending on local restrictions. Although smol claims to be 50% cheaper than regular brands I am not convinced, don’t get me wrong I think there are some cost benefits but using that 50% mark is a bit of a marketing swindle. They could have easily made this comparison by picking the highest prices laundry detergent capsules on shelves, so although I think you can save some money, it’s not quite as high as smol claims.

I think what smol have achieved so far is fantastic, it’s UK based which is a huge plus and they are environmentally conscious in product and packaging. The subscription model offering direct to consumer savings is beneficial and I hope they can build upon the current range using the same techniques and methods they currently are.


  • No compromise on performance, cleans and smells just as good if not better than regular supermarket brands
  • Fewer chemicals in capsule and 100% water soluble
  • Packaging recyclable
  • Bio and Non-Bio options available
  • Cruelty-free


  • 50% cost saving claims are pushing it
  • Smaller capsule size means for bigger loads you may need 2 capsules
  • Not all local authorities will recycle plastic element to packaging

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