November Goals 2016

autumn style

  1. It is too easy during in the summer months to have too much of a good thing. Too much sun, too much food, too many ‘good times’. For me, November is bringing a month of much needed detoxing. You can tell from our recipes that we eat pretty healthy majority of the time but a couple of indulgences a week keep things… balanced shall we say. This November I’m saying bye to booze. I find that this just works well for me in November; Summer BBQ’s and Halloween are behind us and Christmas shenanigans are around the corner. So it’s bye bye malbec, so long G&T’s, see you next month Egg Nog!
  2. It would probably be too ambitious to aim to finish my Christmas shopping this month but this year I don’t want to be stressing last minute about what to buy anyone. I also want to try and find some DIY’s to make as gifts. Thoughtful gifts are my favourite. I remember crying last year when Danny gifted me a one of a kind vinyl edition of my EP. It really is the thought that counts.
  3. I am guilty of reaching for a glass of red when stress levels get too high and this month that won’t be an option (see number 1). I’ve been wanting to give yoga a try for a while and it’s a time to try a new way to unwind and relax. I’ve been eyeing up some youtube channels and classes but I’m not sure what I’m going to decide on yet. I’ll keep you updated.
  4. I’m sure this has been in many of my monthly goals before but yet again I’m going to try and get back into a routine. Sometimes life just happens and it catapults your daily habits out of sync. Sleep patterns alter, bad habits are formed and before you know it really feels like there are not enough hours in the day to even fit in the basics. News flash we all do have as many hours in the day as Beyonce and I’m determined to get my productivity levels back up high.
  5. And finally, it would be nice to plan a trip for next year. Not to book one but to narrow down a destination and a time of year. All that kind of stuff. Do you have any suggestions?  We’re open to options!




  1. November 6, 2016 / 12:14

    Love that your going “dry” for November, giving yourself a little detox buffer for the festive season! I’ve done all my shopping now (she gloats) but really looking forward to hearing what gifts you end up making

    • November 6, 2016 / 23:03

      It seemed like a good month to do it before Christmas etc but I think it will be difficult as I have two weekends and my first blogger event planned- almost one week down! Oh wow, no that is so serious good effort! Hopefully it’s something slightly more than a simple card! Laura x

  2. November 9, 2016 / 13:36

    You may have already come across her but Yoga With Adriene is the best youtube yoga I’ve ever found. Her intro classes for beginners are amazing, and after a couple of those I did her 30 days of yoga and 30 day yoga camp, pretty much a couple of times each back to back. The vids aren’t too short, not too long, usually about 30 minutes each, she’s pretty quirky which can grate on some people but you warm to her! I would really recommend her channel 🙂 I wish I could keep it up but the boat is too rocky for anything involving balance x x

    • November 9, 2016 / 19:02

      Rosie I was going to do the 30 days of yoga! It looks like a really good way to ease into it :).. Unfortunately this November Goal in particular is not going to well. I haven’t really made the time as I was so busy trying to get the blog to how we wanted it when we relaunched! I am determined to start sometime this month though! How are you? Life seems so exciting for you at them moment, looks like you’re having a great time, even if there is a lack of yoga in your life 😉 xx

  3. mihabalancom
    November 15, 2016 / 10:06

    New on your blog. Loving it, it has a good and fresh vibe. I will be coming back soon. Do you have Bloglovin so I can follow you there?

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