Summer of cold brew coffee: Sandows Vs Fitch Brew Co

The summer heatwave is on and with the higher temperatures brings the ultimate thirst for quench but when water just doesn’t do the job or you’re on the clock, sometimes the best pick me up is the simplest of options but with a twist.

Cold brew what?

If you’re a fan of coffee but don’t find it hits the spot when the sun is shining, it’s time to consider cold brew coffee. The process of making cold brew coffee has been around for years but has become more commercialised in recent years with the introduction of various brands entering the market. Cold brew coffee is essentially black coffee brewed over a 12-24 hour period with cold water rather than boiling, it can then be enjoyed straight or with milk if you prefer.


The “King of cold brew coffees” Sandows entered the market back in 2014 and myself and Laura instantly fell in love with the original bottles the batches came packaged in, since then things have changed and Sandows now offer their cold brew range in “stubby” cans along with 2 new flavours, Citrus and Spice.

Fitch Brew Co

Relatively new into the market with their first batch of 001 appearing in early 2017, Fitch Brew Co wasted no time in mastering that first batch into the final product single origin cold brew along with a superb nitro cold brew offering, which tastes smooth and creamy, the way it should be. Fitch Brew Co has also decided to mix things up and introduced two new flavours, Sicilian Lemon and Blood Orange.

Flavoured cold brew

On initial discovery of these new flavoured cold brew variants, I immediately dismissed them and thought “what a strange combination”. I think that will be the reaction from most people, however, in the interest of informing the nation, it was only fair to sample both Sandows and Fitch’s new flavours and see who comes out on top

When you see the Sandows and Fitch Brew Co cans in person what strikes you is the brilliant design, both colourful and simple. Sandows limited edition Studio Moross box especially excelling in this department. Upon opening the Sandows Citrus and Spice flavours you get an instant kick of the fruity flavours you’d expect, ginger, orange blossom, black spice, mandarin with the spice. Lemon, lime and grapefruit with the citrus. Both taste fantastic with the coffee element really an aftertaste which makes them pleasantly easy to drink. Neither are carbonated which allows for more of the flavours to come through, the Citrus was refreshing and by far my favourite.

Fitch Brew Co’s take on the cold brew coffee flavours is much the same as Sandows. There are some fruity infused flavours and what struck me the most was how much the coffee taste is masked by the fruit flavour which is strange as usually, Fitch’s cold brew coffee is great for those caffeine lovers. The blood orange smells much like coffee but sweet on taste and balanced well, neither the blood orange or coffee overpowers the other more. The Sicilian lemon is the standout winner for me. Bold lemon flavour with a punch and the coffee comes out really well and refreshing and easy to drink much like its Sandow’s citrus counterpart.

Drumroll please….

What Sandows and Fitch have achieved with these new flavours is interesting, reinventing this corner of the drinks market and for that, they should be both applauded. In terms of packaging and design both have nailed this with their already unique branding and merging it into existing product lines. The flavours are also much more accessible to more consumers who might not otherwise try a cold brew canned drink and might even fall into the trap of not realising the drinks are cold brew coffee-based to begin with. That’s not a bad thing, both brands equal each other here and it’s great to see bold moves being taken by both to extend there range. It will come down to personal preference as to which one you will prefer the taste of but I think there enough to explore and try to keep everyone happy.


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