Sweet & Spicy Fried Rice

spicy rice

spicy rice

easy side dish

Even though we still have a week before we set off to the Italian coast, I’ve been hesitant to do any sort of proper food shop so we can try and use up bits we have to try and avoid any waste next week. I might have stopped food shopping a little too early though but that lead to this recipe being created! The key to any fried rice? Pre-cooking and chilling the rice before hand. I like to cook mine a day ahead then get it out the fridge the following day when it’s time to cook. It’s not the prettiest of dishes but this a wonderful addition to chicken or fish.
Sweet + Spicy Egg Fried Rice


– 2 cups previously cooked and refrigerated rice
– 3 eggs
– 6-8 spring onions roughly chopped

– coconut oil
– 1 clove garlic
– 1-inch fresh ginger

– 1/4 cup tamari/ soy sauce
– 2 Tbs toasted sesame oil
– 6 Tbs sweet chili sauce

Serve with– Chopped Spring onions, toasted sesame seeds and lime

1. To a wok or large frying pan add your aromatics on a low heat, allow these to season your pan till the garlic and ginger are cooked and fragrant. Discard of ginger and garlic.

2.  Turn heat up and add rice, being careful to stir to avoid burning.

3. After roughly 10 minutes, crack the eggs and allow to cook, then fold into the rice. Also, stir in the spring onions.

4. Add the sauce and continue to cook for a further 5-10 minutes.

5. Plate up and enjoy!



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