Visiting Mikkeller bar London

I and Laura completed our yearly Christmas pilgrimage to London back in December and this post has been a long time coming! We usually visit to get in the festive spirit indulging in food, shopping and drinking. With that last part being the reason for this post. I had recently found out about the new Mikkeller bar opening in London, so it was only obligatory being the craft beer enthusiast that I am, that we decided to pay a visit.

Situated in Shoreditch on 2-4 Hackney Rd, just a 5 minute walk away from Friends of Ours where we met a friend for brunch (no pun intended). It seemed like the perfect excuse to pop in, chat over some beers, and share wedding day photos.

With 20 beers on tap, including guest brews from war pigs and others, the bar is simple, Sparse like, yet warm and inviting. Featuring soft ceiling lighting, wooden clad benches and the occasional plant. The seating can accommodate groups of 2 to 4 and for those that like a street view, there is a countertop that runs along the window. Other than seating, the 2 toilets and bar, the space really lends itself to conversation and drinking with no other distractions.

With the amount on offer, it’s easy to get carried away with the different styles on tap, the bar staff are friendly willing to let you try before committing and will offer their own suggestions on taste to suit your palette.

I started with Creamsicle friends a DDH IPA that did not disappoint and hit the right balance of flavour and freshness. Laura continued her sour beer journey and decided to try Rick’s Spontan a lambic style sour and our friend Tash chose the Christmas themed Hoppy Lovin’ Christmas.

For those that want to take the Mikkeller experience away with them, the bar offers a small but reasonable selection of bottled and canned beers that can be purchased to take away. The 20 taps will usually be all fully rigged up with a brew so the choices are plentiful that repeat visits are advisable. I really loved the Mikkeller space, stripped down the bare essentials and a welcome new addition to the London Craft beer scene.


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