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This isn’t the first time I’ve banged on about how good cold brew coffee is especially in the warmer months for me, although I have friends who enjoy it all year round. Never one to shy away from reviewing something new I was tempted by Far Side Coffee‘s new cold brew products fun and standout branding.

far side cold brew coffee

Far Side entered the market around a year ago and I first tried it back in January, I have been waiting to try the second of two flavours the company make, Rwanda & Peru more recently as the sunshine has been out.

far side cold brew coffee

The branding from Far Side is what really stood out for me and they do a great job with brand consistency throughout, whilst offering enough distinction with the use of colours to identify the two different types of brew on offer.

Flavours wise they describe the Peru variant spot on, “A dart of orange peel meets a sting of sweetness woven with sacred cacao”. This was my least favourite flavour out of the two, although I tend to drink hot coffee with sugar, in cold brew I like the bitter hit you get so the Peru wasn’t for me, however it will certainly appeal to a lot of others and I can see it being popular.

far side cold brew coffee

The process used to make Far Side’s cold brew is far from average as described by them, “Made with exotic single origin beans and steeped in cool filtered water for 18 hours, our brews are a walk on the wild side. With a punchier caffeine kick than regular coffee and flavour that unfurls beyond the cup, discover adventure in every chilled sip.”

far side cold brew coffee

In terms of flavour for the Rwandan, I was eager to try this more as the flavour description seemed more up my street “Maple nectar swings to shrill lemon and leaps to toasted cacao a bittersweet sip”. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed, I found the cold brew flavour watered down and not punchy almost weak in flavour. Maybe I’ve left it too long to drink since original purchase which in that case is my fault, if not then this would certainly suit someone who is trying out cold brew coffee for the first time.

It’s great to see another UK brand join the cold brew coffee market with the likes of Sandows and Fitch but personally, Sandows is still my favourite.


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